Is it possible to create a dashboard using core template node that contains charts and bar graphs

I want to create a dashboard but using (html,css and javascript) and that to only using core template node that contains charts and bar graphs, is it possible ??

If you mean kind of strategy used here: My little Dashboard project WIP, it is of course possible.

But i'd recommend to use uibuilder at least for communication. It significantly reduces amount of work needed to be done and you can focus more on frontend stuff then.

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Me too :rofl:

uibuilder is getting ever easier to use and is now such that I really recommend trying it out with vanilla HTML/CSS and a bit of JS where needed rather than with VueJS which used to be the recommendation.

In the upcoming v6.1 release, there will also be some additional nodes that will allow zero-code HTML creation. In the current release, you have a low-code capability. And of course, you can combine those with your own custom HTML. That is one of the purposes and strengths of uibuilder - the ability to work with native HMTL or with front-end frameworks as you choose and the ability to mix and match the capabilities to best meet your needs.

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