Is it possible to include 'New Line' to control Notification text

This example of the Dashboard Notification. I'm using a very simple template with an inject of timestamp value. My purpose is to display mulit-line text where I can control the text length with \r\n . The notification removes the \r\n .

How to get something which I can have a bullet point and text to control each line? Can I embed HTML in the notification to force line feed?



Allow html/javascript in the config settings and use <br>

I looked at for HTML syntax and this is my example of what I wanted.
There is no difference if you surround the body with any other HTML ( <p> paragraph </p> ). It works exactly the same if you just use the <br> "break" at the end of each line, and of course, set the HTML option true.

<p>My first Line. {{payload}}<br>
   My second Line. text filler text My second Line. filler text My second Line.  {{payload}}<br>
   The third Line. {{payload}}<br>
   This Fourth Line. {{payload}}</p>

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