Is it possible to receive customized opcua EventTypes over node-red-contrib-opcua?

I have a similar question to Lena from this topic ( Is it possible to receive customized OPC UA A&C EventTypes over node-red-contrib-opcua? ).
So in one of my cases I have this customized EventType "JobInfoEventType" which is a sub event class of BaseEvent(Type). In node-red-contrib-opcua its possible to select these event types:
So I choose "BaseEvent".
I correctly then get the events triggered at the right time but only the information in BaseEvent is available (which probably is expected):

My question is if its possible to get the "extra" information available in the JobInfoEventType in some way? For this event type its these 3 values : "IsTestPrint", "JobSize" and "LabelNo".

For this test flow:

The "event srtart" debug looks like this:

I tried modifying the message generated by "Interpreter Events" by adding field in similar structure in a function node between the "Interpreter events" and "OPC UA CONNECTION" nodes but still no success:

Would greatly appreciate any inputs on how this is supposed to be done (if its possible) witht the node-red-contrib-opcua nodes.

Hi Martin,

I didn´t find settings to receive the specific informations with this node. To get this special informations I downloaded the javascript-code of the node-red-contrib-opcua-nodes and inserted the specific type fields there...

But I am not a specialist in opc-ua or node-red, I don´t know if there is an easier way to get this new informations...

Thanks Lena for your time answering this!
If you or anyone else is intrested in how this can be solved without customizing node-red-contrib-opcua, see here:


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