Is it possible to search for nodes in the editor?

Is it possible to search for specific nodes in the Node-RED editor (e.g., by type, by property name (e.g., for a change node) or by text (e.g., in template or function nodes)? And to jump to a found node (and its workspace/tab)?

That could simplify navigating in a larger set of Node-RED flows...

Yes - hit ctrl-f when the workspace is focused to bring up the search dialog, or access it from the main menu.

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Wow, that was fast - are you working 24/7?

Thanks for your effort!

Today is Node-RED Con 2021 - running on Japan time... so its an early start to watch the opening keynote.

Oh, I see - I just had good luck!

Ah, this is Todd Sharp - the man with the "always free" guides - great!

Would it be possible to make the search term "persistent" - at least in memory and until an editor reload?

Right now, I have to keep the search term either in the clipboard or in an external editor if I have multiple search results and want to check one node after another without having to re-enter the term continuously.

If you click the arrow button at the top of the search window, it will copy the search over to the Info sidebar search bar where the results will stay until you change/clear the search term

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Great - that wasn't obvious for me as I rarely select the info sidebar.

Thanks for this quick answer!

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