Is it possible to set the Websocket path from a variable?



I'm trying to use Node-RED along with chrome remote debug, and in order to connect to chrome I need to connect to it's websocket.

The only problem is that the websocket address is not fixed, it changes with each tab instance Chrome opens.

I'm able to get the websocket address using curl and parsing JSON, but I'm stuck on how to set the websocket Path using a function or similar method while the flow is running.

Is this possible or do I need to look into some alternative to Websockets?



If you start node-red manually, you can pass a debug flag. That gives an address that you can use with Chrome or Vivaldi. If you then open the admin ui address and then open the dev tools, you will see an additional icon in the dev tools toolbar that opens a new window - that window will show you the node-red console log output and let you do debugging on Node-RED.

The flag to pass to node.js is --inspect.

Is this not working for you?

This has nothing to do with Node-RED websockets - or have I misunderstood your question?