Is it possible to show the connected status icon of an MQTT Broker within a subflow to be available on the subflow node?

I have packed an mqtt in into a subflow and made it available to my container via the /data/flows.json

This makes the subflow nodes available in the node-palette upon boot up.

An example flow with the subflow node is:

the external mqtt in node has the following subflow template

It is just an mqtt in node configured to a fixed address and port.

I wish to get the connected status icon on the my external mqtt in "node", one similar to


The only thing I can see under my node even through adding status node in the subflow template is payload

Would this be possible to achieve with a subflow template?

  • Enable status
  • add a status node & point it at an MQTT node
  • wire the status node to status connector

NOTE: You might need to re-arrange the value out of the status node


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