Is it possible to use NR-Editor and NR-Runtime in different servers?

sorry,a newbie here with a newbie question
i noticed the latest version NR has split editor and runtime,that's awsone!

Could I only deploy NR-Runtime on a device such like Raspberry Pi and deploy NR-Editor on my local computer or a web server ?

If it is possible,How do I pass the file of flows.json to the NR-Runtime?

Could I edit simple flows or flows.json without NR-Editor ? Where could I get all rules of editing flows?


The work to split the editor and runtime has, so far, been focussed on the internal packaging of Node-RED. It has not produced a separately installable Node-RED Editor application.

You can already configure Node-RED to disable the editor via the settings file. That gives you a headless runtime that you can use the admin api to send an HTTP request to deploy a new flow configuration -

I also meet this question on more and more IoT projects. How to solve the the x/y co-ordinates of the node when the flow is drawn with NR HTTP API without NR-editor, and deploy the new flow is locked.

@knolleary do you have any suggestion.

Many thanks!

Thanks for your guidance.

I have deployed a Node-RED which been disabled the editor on the Raspberry Pi and a full-featured one on my local computer.

We could copy or download all flows from the menu with export nodes options.
I plan to use the full-featured one to send an HTTP request with http node, The input of this http node is a custom function node there could get formatted json of all flows.How to code in function node to achieve that? Is there any ready-made nodes for that?

We noticed I and my partner visit the same NR-Editor without authentication at the same time,if i do some change and deploy it ,my partner will see the change too. Is there any way to edit without interference at the same time?Is it possible to edit each other at the same time as long as different users are set up to different authentication?

Thank you very much.

@chris Which version of Node-RED are you using ? Where did that lock capability come from ?

Hi dceejay,

Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I use NR 1.0.3 version. The lock which from Flow Security, If, then How can it be done?. I deep hope NR team could implement this feature meet more and more IoT projects requirements.

@dceejay: I think this thread is derailing into two different topics. Should we move Chris' topic into a new one?

There are no ready made functions for that. One approach would be to use the File node to read your flows file to get the data.

One issue you'll hit is that your flows file doesn't include the flow credentials. They are stored separately in a file alongside your flow file (same filename, but with _creds added) and you'd have to include both in the request. The ability to do this was only just added in 1.0.4 and the api docs haven't been updated to reflect it yet. If that is something you want to pursue, then I'll try to get the docs updated this week.

No - there is no way for different users to have different views. If one user deploys changes, the other user needs to merge them into their workspace before they can deploy anything. This prevents one user from overwriting another user's work. It isn't the nicest workflow and an area I want to improve.

@Chris this is off topic, so if you want to continue your part of the discussion, please do start a new topic. I will say the concept of locking flows is still just that - a concept. As for the x/y co-ordinates - if you are generating a flow without using the editor then its up to you to give your nodes suitable x/y co-ordinates.


Thanks again for your guidance.

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