Open NR editor without running flows capability


Good morning

I think there is a important topic not raised up, however I don’t know if is feasible to bring it up.

Sometimes anyone can edit something and create a buffer or import some flow with a node not installed or anything like this that could drive that NR gets blocked or you can not handle nothing with editor anymore after deploy.

As example I made a mistake in one case a made a infinite loop that made NR to use 100% CPU and get raspi blocked not being able to reload anymore the editor to make any change that forced me to delete the flows files and recover a previous ones to be able to restart it again.

I think will be great to have some way to start NR editor somehow without the need that flows are started.

That could give the chance to correct any issue directly instead of getting blocked with no more chance to restore some previous files.

Do you think this could be possible?

After some time on the forum I have seen several cases that this could help a lot.

Thanks in advance for your attention