Is node-red-contrib-bigstatus being maintained?

Can anyone tell me whether the node-red-contrib-bigstatus node (or any of the other "big" nodes) is still being maintained? The author does not seem to have been very active lately. I raised an issue against node-red-contrib-bigstatus several weeks ago and have not had a response.

Hi Michael,

When you look here, you can see that Jacques didn't do anything on Github the last year (i.e. no contributions). I also have an unfinished pull request for the bigstatus node. Don't know if he gets an extra notification from Github if you explicitly mention him (with @Jacques44) inside your issue ????

Good luck ...


Hi Bart,

Yes, I noticed the dates on Jacques' Github repo and your pull request. I was hoping that someone might know of another way to get in touch with him. I will post again here if he replies. Good luck with your pull request...