Is the following web page current and correct?

Is the following web page current and correct? Specifically the web page states the 'libs' directory should be backed up, but on my node-red installation I only find a 'lib' directory under .node-red. Is this a typo? Or should I backup lib and/or libs directories if such exist?

Are there any other files or directories that should be backed up not referenced on the above web page?

you're correct it's a typo - it is just lib...

Also, the wiki isn't intended as user documentation. It is a working area for docs that really ought to result in something being added to either the main docs or the cookbook.

Ah... maybe that should be communicated on the site/page, like a banner text line that says something about it? It did not appear to me, a new user of node-red, that the information was draft or under active revision. Did I missing such a warning? If it exists, I did.

Well it is on the development (github) site rather than the main website that most users use. The main github readme points users to docs and the forum (and not the wiki) if you get to the wiki homepage there is nothing inviting there. How did you get there ?

You raise a good point... I got there first... because I was looking at installed modules in the palette. Later on, I hit it via google, was searching for methods to do backup/archive of flows.

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