Is there a more elegant solution for this pattern

I have repeated a pattern like the above because I want to trigger a message with latest value of a Sensor either when the state of the sensor changes or, because of some other trigger.
It would be nice if there were a combined node that could be used instead to this two.

Hi, the Home-Assistnat nodes are owned/looked after by the Home Assistant guys... so you may want to raise it over in their forum, as we don't manage them at all.

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I am guessing a bit, but I think maybe what you need to do is to combine the sensor value with the other trigger using a Join node configured as in the flow in this article in the cookbook. In the Join node in that flow also select 'and every subsequent message` and you will get a message out every time the sensor sends a new value or the trigger fires. The message you get will contain the sensor value and the trigger. Make sure the two messages going in have different topic values as described in the link.

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