Better way for current-state and event?

Hello together,

I'm new in Node-red so maybe this easy question.

I would like a value to be sent on start and on change.
Is this only possible via this path with event node current_state node and join node or is it not more convenient in a node?
Thanks for your help!

Welcome @Chris909090

You don't need a join Node.

Just plug both your current_state Node, and the event Node to the same Node that will consume that value.

You only use the join Node if you need to... well... join 2 incoming messages together.

The join Node has no use here. at least based on your question

Ok thanks for yout answer. I will try it. A way to use event and cutrent-state in one node is not possible or?

Not for Node RED to decide - that is based on who developed the nodes you are using.
With that said, you can look at creating a subflow to achieve it

i.e create a subflow that.

  • Allows you to fetch the value
  • spits out updates when they happen

Then use that single subflow instance where you need it in your main flow

Most here don't use Home Assistant so don't know what those nodes send. Can you show us what comes from those nodes and explain in more detail exactly what you want to do?

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