Beginner help with configuring Current State node


I’m new to Node-RED but love it so far. Here’s the problem that I’m running into. I’m trying to use a “current state” node (api-current-state) to check the state of binary.sensor #2 upon receiving a trigger node output from binary sensor #1 and cannot seem to configure the “current state” node to get it to work. I am consistently getting the following error:

Error: Cannot find module ‘…/…/schemas’

I’m running v0.72.1 with Node-RED v0.18.7 add-on installed.

I’ve looked all over for instructions on how to configure the “current state” node and can’t find anything helpful. Any guidance, direction, or instruction on this issue is greatly appreciated!



That does not appear to be a node-red node… you will probably have to get help from the community.

But if you’re are looking for some logic or “boolean gate” nodes, check out node-red-contrib-bool-gate and the others like it.



Thank you for your response shrickus. I guess you’re correct since it is listed in the Home Assistant section of the nodes list. I will seek guidance from the community. Actually, I do have the boolean gates loaded and am using it on a couple of flows. Thanks!