Current State - IF data.attributes.current_position

Hello, absolute beginner here (running HA/NodeRed for 3 days now).

So I just installed a Shelly 2.5 for one of my roller shutter and I already made some flows with it. But now Im running into a probably simple problem (for you guys) that I just can't solve myself.

I simply want to use the "current state" node to check the current position of the Shelly. This information is stored in "data.attributes.current_position" ->

How do I use this now? I tried it several ways, but I guess I'm too stupid :smiley: Guessing that Im doing it completely wrong? I want to use it like "IF the current Position of the Shelly is at 90" ->

The background is, that I never completely close my roller shutters. My personal "closed" is at 85%. But obviously the Shelly entity itself shows "open" and only switches to "closed" if its at 100%

That doesn't look like anything I've seen. Is that state node specific to HA? If so, then perhaps ask in the HA forum?

Ps, I don't think you should have the colon and value in that box - but as I said - I don't think this is node-red per se.

Yes, it is HA specific, whoops. Sorry! :smiley: