Group.Light current state


Started to move from YAML to Node-Red couple a days ago, and I bumped into something I can't resolve, but it looks so easy, yet it does not work for me.
I want to use a group of lights from Home Assistant to determine turn off or ON, but in the debug I get off in the end (instead of group.light on/off).

Xiaomi switch -> Single Click -> Group.light current state (from HA) -> Turn OFF or ON.

Sequence pastebin

This is the YAML code I'm using right now and what I want to implement to Node-RED

- alias: Étkező Lámpa - Single
    platform: event
      entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_158d00016c0a97
      click_type: single
    service_template: >
      {% if is_state('group.light_etkezo','off') %}
      {% else %}
      {% endif %}
    entity_id: group.light_etkezo

What am I missing?

Oh found out it is a known bug, since 2018. But got a solution here:

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