Whats the difference between a 'trigger state' and an 'event state' node

Sorry for the simple question but trying to automate something in node red based on presence detection...I started with and event state node but someone helping me on a forum is suggesting a trigger state node?

Not sure why i would use one rather than the other, its just scraping the state of the device tracker and feeding a switch node.

Looks like the trigger state node is running all the time regardless of whether the state has changed, is this correct?


Welcome to the forum @scottda

Are those Home Assistant nodes? If so you might be better off on an HA forum as not many here use it, preferring to use node-red for everything.

If not home assistant nodes you will have to give us some more clues as to which nodes you mean. Node red has a Trigger node built in, but not trigger state.

ok thanks Colin, it is indeed a HA integration so I shall take your advice and have a look over in those forums.

thanks for the speedy reply.

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