Trying to get this to work in home assistant node red

I'm trying to figure out how to look for an event state in node red from an inovelli switch. It has multiple buttons depending on how many times you hit up or down and/or hit an extra configuration button. When I look in automations this is the example I get in YAML (this would be four button presses down):

device_id: 651fb79cea0c4254a1006bc95a5fcf62
domain: hubitat
platform: device
type: held
subtype: ‘4’

How do I tell my event state node to look for the type and subtype of held and 4? I really appreciate the help. Thank you

Hi. I have no idea about HA. Have you got anything arriving in node-red for the events of this device? If so, attach a debug node and show us the output.

Tried to attach a debug node but only get the on/off for some reason. Did complete message and don't get anything when I hit the config button

8/28/2020, 7:22:10 PMnode: 59d85832.043858light.living_room_lights : msg : Object

{ topic: "light.living_room_lights", payload: "on", data: object, _msgid: "60d67e7b.3478a" }

8/28/2020, 7:22:13 PMnode: 59d85832.043858light.living_room_lights : msg : Object

{ topic: "light.living_room_lights", payload: "off", data: object, _msgid: "74221ee4.374fc" }

That doesn't give me much to go on sorry. Have you tried over in the HA forum? Perhaps someone with HA experience can help you get moving? I can certainly help you with node-red side not the HA side sorry.

Appreciate it. Trying over there as well, keeping fingers crossed I can get some guidance

Normally HA puts the state in payload (as you're getting) and the attributes in data. Since this shows as an object, expand it in the debug tab and see what you get.

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