Is there a professional IDE hidden in node red?

Hi everyone, when I found out about Node Red I wanted to try it immediately, certainly due to its ease of use and its accommodating graphics, I treated it more like a toy than a development system, I created more and more complex flows and I started to feel the lack of some tools like a good debugger, of course there is the debug node, but for complex projects it is very laborious and I lost a lot of time to identify the problems. At some point I felt the need to get to know Node Red better, I went through the whole site, I looked at the github repositories, and I enjoyed the videos on youtube. A world opened up to me and I completely changed my mind about this platform, I discovered Projects, a fantastic tool for working with Git servers and with the 2.0 release I tried the Flow Debugger and I was thrilled.
Actually Node Red is becoming an increasingly professional IDE and these tools are proof of that, the great work the team is doing is leading to results that I didn't think would come.
If I can, the only criticism, is that the information is scattered between the site, the repository and the youtube channel, it is probably me who did not find the right place but if it were not so it would be necessary to implement all the information on the add-ons and about hidden features in one place.
Apart from this suggestion, I would like to congratulate all the staff at Node Red, your hard work is producing great results, be proud of it.

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