Is there a way to modify native validator functions?

Hi all,

I'm testing the use of mustache template strings in typedInput fields as I've often had the need to set a key based on a topic. But the msg, flow and global types show an error when I use dots between the {{string}}.

This works: [flow.] {{topic}}
But this shows an error: [flow.] key.{{topic}}.

Is there a way I can hook into the flow, msg and global validator functions? Or somehow modify them without having to clone the whole type?

Have you tried flow. cache[msg.topic] as this works in change nodes.

I've looked everywhere for this :man_facepalming:! Thank you so much. It already works in my node. Somewhere, while doing spelling checks, I accidentally changed normali(s)ePropertyExpression to normali(z)ePropertyExpression. Thats why the bracket method didn't work at all. Now it works!!! I really need to bring more of my self-proclaimed "stupid questions" to this forum.

Gotta love the English language!

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