Flow and global variables inaccessible when using dot notation

Hello again,
I am looking for a way of accessing global/flow variables inside nodes (such as inside the URL of an http-request-node). So I used a change-node to set global.test but it remains "undefined" when I try to access it using {{global.test}}, even though it is accessible using global.get("test"). It seems like the dot notation is not working within the mustache notation, because {{payload}} works, while {{msg.payload}} doenst. I am quite confused here, please tell me how to access those global/flow variables inside the URL field of a http-request-node, because {{global.test}} doenst work for me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The HTTP Request node does not support accessing flow/global context directly from its url field - it can only access msg properties using the {{payload}} syntax.

You would have to build the URL using a Change node before hand as pass it in as msg.url.

ok thanks a lot

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