There is a way to see a global variable on flow?

Hi, Iim having issue and difficultied to debug it, it would be lovely to see the content on variable on flow. Since the "status" of a module is a dynamic variable.. I suppose it can be diplayed also that (if it is not long..)
Any other alternative?
Thank you

You can use a JSONate expression in the debug node, and display it in the node status(limit 32 chars).$flowContext("") or globalContext().

thanks, glad there is one :slight_smile: I've placed a dubug node near, choosen J expression and typed globalContext(Salotto)
Then I connect the wire to the event output, but I have an error: "Invalid JSONata expression: globalContext(Salotto)"

Is Salotto the name of the global variable? If so, the try $globalContext("Salotto")

Note, the name is case sensitive

Try $globalContext("Salotto")

Thanks to all, works, I see it in debug window :slight_smile:
I did remember about the status node and I implemented it, I prefer, for example:

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