Use flow-variable inside http request node using {{variable}}

hello everyone

I figured out how to save a "flow"-wide variable using "change"-node.
somehow I can't directly use this variable inside a "http request node"
I always need to use another "change" node to save the variable from "flow.variable" -> "msg.variable".

so.. how is it possible to use a flow-wide variable directly inside my http request Node?

my URL looks like this right now:
https://{{variable}}/!run cmd test/cmd3 option 2

Have you tried https://{{flow.variable}}/!run?

hey there,

I just tried it, but it doesn't work.

Was that in the URL field of the http request node?

No. You need to use a change node as you originally said.

yes, I just tried it with putting "flow.variable" in there

there's really no way?

Ah. Never mind. Wasn't sure if it was a supported pattern.

Easy enough to solve with a change node or function node.

yes but it starts to look messy to add this everywhere I use it..

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