Is there an event which is raised when node-red finished deploying?

I searched the forum but could not find anything that could solve my problem:

Use Case:
I would like to do execute some code after all nodes in one of my libs were successfully initialized. All my nodes register themselves in a list and when the list
is complete I want to to some checks and so on...

Is there an event which is raised by node-red when the flows are fully deployed?

There is a flows:started event - but that is when the flows have all been told to start. Some nodes may do asynchronous work (eg connect to a remote database - or not) - so we can never be sure when something is "fully deployed".

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Ah thanks for the hint. That would be completely ok as no async stuff is used in my use case.

There is also the "runtime-event" with an ID of "runtime-state". Though this appears to trigger twice.

I've just used it in uibuilder v4-beta to move the block of log information for uibuilder to a better place and only triggered after some other events have completed. I put a simple switch in place to only run it once:

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