Is there any input date and time for node edit dialog?

Hi all,

Is there any input date and time for node edit dialog?

Moreover, can we use JQuery UI in node edit dialog?


Because HTML does not support all browser.

Thank you very much in advance

There is not a node-red core date picker widget.

Yes, the editor uses JQuery UI


Thank you very much :blush: :+1:

I can use directly JQuery UI datepicker (not include anything) in my created node.

Are the browser native components not sufficient? I believe all modern browsers have date and time input fields.

Thank you very much for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have one more question. Does JQuery UI have 'Time Picker' widget? Because I separate 'Time' input from 'Date'.

I try to search about 'Time Picker' in JQuery UI. Some website tell, it has to use 'timepicker'. But I try to use in edit dialog, the error 'timepicker is not a function ...'. :thinking:

Could you please advise me?

The website is quite clear: Datepicker | jQuery UI

No timepicker.

Would standard html5 input text box in time mode work ?

Thank you very much for your advise.

But old browser maybe not support html5. So now I use simple input and then using validate input time. :blush:

Looks pretty well supported - apart from IE of course... (which is now past end of life.)

The Node-RED editor will not work in those older browsers.

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You can always add a polyfill for older/rubbish browsers:

Thank you very much :blush:

Ok. I will try to use HTML5 tag input time.

Thank you very much for your help. :blush: :+1:

I will try this.

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