Is there any way to copy Tellstick-devices to another setup?

Simple as that, or difficult as that. I have tried to copy the full node directory under /home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-tellstick but that messed up permissions and I had to uninstall the node and reinstall it. I have tried to find the info whereever I could think of in the system, but nothing. So is there a way?

Copying that folder only copies the node.js dependency module, it wouldn’t copy any Node-RED flow information including settings. Certainly you can copy that to a new Node-RED userDir folder and it should be usable - though obviously, you will have to create a suitable flow for it. If you are getting permissions error, it suggests that you might be copying it between 2 systems that have different user settings. Or possibly that you used sudo or root to do the copy.

So that information is actually in the flow? I tried to copy the Tellstick specific flow from one Pi to the other, but the Tellstick controlled devices didn't come along with it. And that made me think that it was in another config directory. I'm talking about this:

It doesn't come with if I choose to export all flows to the clipboard.

I would ask the node author, there is a link under Issues on the npm webpage.

It is likely to be in a config node.

Hold on, another thought - I use an RFXtrx433E which is a similar kind of device - that has some config in the device - e.g. which protocols are active - do you mean that?

Colin, I think I’ll have to try that.

TotallyInformation, no I mean switches and so on with device. Tellstick and RFXtrx (which I have a few of myself) are very different. With the RFXtrx you can send any command in a message, but with the Tellstick you have to define every switch and so on as a device, that Node-RED calls. It’s the same with any system you use, like NetHomeServer. You have to define them there too, and they’re stored in a config file somewhere, not on the device. I just can’t find out where they are stored in Node-RED.

OK, embarassing… Far down in the documentation the answer lies:

The way the Tellstick works you have to configure your devices. On Windows and Mac OS X you do this in Telldus Center, on Linux you do this in /etc/tellstick.conf.

It didn’t occur to me that the config file was explained and opened to regular users like that. :slight_smile:

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