Jdbc driver files

I am trying to figure out where to put my jdbc driver .jar files, so Node-RED can find them when using node-red-contrib-jdbc node.

Not sure (I don't use Java) but I think the clue is here: java.classpath.includes So I think you need to put them where Java wants them.

The instructions say
Download JDBC driver to the user directory
Normally, in a node red environment that would be your .node-red directory, but that will depend on how you installed node red.

I have the driver in the .node-red folder but still get the error message “…no suitable driver found…”

I would appreciate any help you can offer

Unless there is someone here who uses this then I suggest you ask via an issue on the node's github page.

If you look at the code for the node, it uses a library called jdbc and if you look at that on npmjs.com, you'll see that it has a config for where the drives need to be so you'll need to check back to the node's code to see how the author has configured the jdbc library.

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