Jira Node: Invalid JQL

Hi everyone,

I installed red-contrib-jira-jql to request some amounts of Jira-Tickets in my board. My goal is, to receive the amount of Tickets that match a special JQL.

After installing however I entered my credentials and fired a simple JQL: "project = myproject"
But the node tells me "Invalid JQL". Debug node has no content for me.

When I fire an empty jql nothing happens. Debug node empty, no complaints by the jira node.

What am I doing wrong? I can't imagine theres an issue with my jql, as it is THAT simple. Anything that I forget?

Thanks for help!


Hell. Tried to install node-red-jira-search (node) - Node-RED now.
Connected to server fine, running the jql empty works fine. (Green node, with message: 0 Issues received)

When entering "project = myproject" I receive "Bad request"

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