Join 2 playloads with the same id number


I am trying to find a way to join 2 separate payloads into one giving both of them have the same id.

Are the messages coming down different wires or are they coming down the wire one after the other?
If they are coming down different wires then you can join them using a Join node as in the cookbook example on Joining Streams. You will have to give them separate topics first.
If they are coming down the same wire are they coming in pairs one after the other or have you got to save lots of them and then match the id numbers or something?

@Colin FYI this is in the Meta category. Likely should be moved into General?

I hadn't notice that, someone seems to have moved it to General now.

@Colin thanks for the reply. i have followed the cookbook example, however, i get this error.

Did you import the example in the cookbook and made sure you understand how it works? What is it that distinguishes the messages on the two streams in the example?

Hello as @Colin mentioned, this is important to know a bit more about your flow. Are messages arriving from two different wires (sources) ? Is it always guaranteed that the two subsequent messages are going to be merged? Or maybe the delivery of the message with matching ID is unknown. How many messages is expected?

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