Join node - pass only every 2nd subsequent msg?

I'm using a join node in manual mode, to join 7 payloads by topic into a key/value object. After the initial 7 payloads are joined, the message is sent, perfect. Now, two of the messages are temperature and humidity updates and they each trigger a new joined message, is there a clever/simple way to only send every 2nd subsequent msg with a timeout in case either the temp or humidity fails to update? I tried to run the temp/hum msgs through their own join node without the "send subsequent msg" option checked, but then they get added to the main join node's object as a new combined object. I could rework my downflow nodes to handle that except that the extra combined object's key changes depending on which temp or humidity msg arrived last in their separate join node.

Combine the temp and humidity first and put that through a change node to set the topic to something like "temphum", then they will always appear as that in the second join.

Ha ha, I was already that far along, I had the change node wired up but I couldn't see the obvious solution. Thanks again!

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