Join node doesn't join all the messages

I have a join node configured like this:


You would expect a maximum of one message every 5 seconds coming from this node, wouldn't you?

But watch what happens:


I made another observation. So far the node function 4 was configured like this:


If I change it to this:


Suddenly my join node starts to work as expected:


Ok, this is caused by the parts key in the message object, which should have no bearing in manual mode but does. I'll open an issue. I found an existing issue that seems to be about this exact problem.

I'm not sure you have solved/fixed it or not.

you didn't tell the join node how many messages to join.
But to send the new message after 5 seconds (I think it is seconds) of receiving the first one.

That may be a problem.

What happens if you set the After a number of message parts to 5?

I suspect you accidentally put the 5 in the wrong box.

In the picture you show of function 4 and how you send the payload.

Shouldn't it really be

return {
     'payload': 'foo'

to be more correct as all names in JSON need to be in/between " or ' to work.
That they do without them is luck and shouldn't be done.

Though that shouldn't cause problems.

If you did find one, well done.

I think you should outline the problem you are trying to solve, then people can assist you in getting there.
Currently you are observing certain behaviour based on timing and variable/non-consistent input, not so easy to reverse engineer.

There is further discussion of this in the bug report.

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