Join node with functions

Typically one wants to post-process HTML responses or sensor data, say. As a newbie, my approach is to have function nodes to do the work, use the join node to aggregate the modifications and send the output to the next step, in my case a ui template.

But the join node does not reliably aggregate all the messages. Here's my example:

Here's is the join node property sheet:


Why does this happen? What am I doing wrong? And is this entirely the wrong way to go about things? It seems to me that you could do this with one function node for all functions, but that does not feel either elegant or right. I'd prefer to keep each post processing function separate.

The join node is very useful when you want to combine messages from different input sources, this is a single source, you can probably process the message sequentially instead.

Could you share your flow ? It will make it easier to help.

@bakman2 Thank you so much. There is no substitute for wisdom and experience. It never occurred to me to perform the transforms in sequence. which makes perfect sense as each function is just working on the same message payload, not from different sources as you mention.

And now I understand why join appeared to be erratic. I had it set to wait for three messages as I thought each function was a message, but that is now obviously wrong. It only fired after three messages from the HTPP source. All clear at last.

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