Join with different number of inputs


I would like to implement correct nodered way of joining messages. There are 4 droplists and elements can be selected from all 4 independent from each other. After selection is finished, button in dashboard is pressed.


I usually join with flow.set() but decided it is a time to learn something new :slight_smile:

Ok, then I'm assigning you some homework.

Did you read the 'Help' tab for the Join node? That is a good place to start :grinning:

Then you can go to the hamburger tab and select import and take a look at the examples for the Join node

If you have questions then, ask away!

Feed the button into the Join node too, with the node in key/value mode, and the inputs each having different topics. Set And Every Subsequent Message in the node so that it passes on a message for every input. Then add a Switch node after the join node which only passes messages with the submit button topic. So every time you press the button you will get a message with all the values.

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Dumb me, forgot to insert value to count

Thanks for help

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