JSONata expression tester does not recognize $moment() function?

I'm running the latest NR v2.1.3 and just found this oddity -- not sure if it worked on older versions:

The inject node expression works fine when injected, but does not work inside the JSONata expression test window.

Yup - that's never worked. We don't load all of moment into the editor for that to work.

Ok, so not a new issue...

Is there any documentation or reference links to what moment formats are available?
Not that I cannot look them up for myself -- just wondering if I overlooked something in the editor.

To be frank, I regret adding moment like this. Moment itself is a deprecated library - there are lighter weight alternatives available that would be better for us. So no, the documentation is virtually non-existent as we wouldn't want to encourage its use.

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Removing $moment() would break a lot of my flows, I would appreciate advance notice of any changes.

Well yes. removing it would be a major breaking change so would only happen (if at all) in 3.0 or 4.0.

Far more likely we deprecate its usage and remove reference to it from the docs in 3.0, but leave it there so flows continue to work. At the same time, we'd introduce an alternative function as the preferred replacement.

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