JSONata - $round


I am usinga double query to the influx and I receive two arrays with the values ​​of the two measurements, then convert to JSONata and show it in the chart. (4 values)

I am using the $ round function, for the values ​​in both arrays, for the first one it works well for the second arrays I have an error.

I leave the link: https://try.jsonata.org/M6Gz1Fn7h


In your data, there are lots of instances where $[3] (and the others) evaluates to null - which $round() does not accept.

You need to decide what you want to do with the null values - do you want to keep them as null or do you want to insert a placeholder value?

The following expression will leave the nulls in place:



Thanks, yes i want to leave the nulls

Thanks a lot

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