Juntar dos msg.payload

Good evening group I am new but trying to learn this beautiful program and with the help of you and your examples I have managed to understand how some things work here, well going to the topic I would like you to help me or if it is possible to do what I want, I made you a optional server so far the communication between the client and the server ok I am reading two variables that took them to a function node where I want to have them separately and unite them in a single msg.payload I do not know if that is possible in the images you can Observe what I want to do, separately it works correctly for me but when trying to put them together it generates an error I hope you can help me, thank you

if you want to join two messages in one, just use the "join" node.

See this help document: Create a single message from separate streams of messages : Node-RED

I hope it helps :grinning:

I will try Joaovitor but as I do for the chatid to an entry and ek content to the other as I define that, you could help me there.

Thanks Joaovitor and I managed to give a new topic to each variable, thanks for the help with the node that you indicated, and I'm still working.

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