Just to check about the gauge node

I know the chart can take two input series.

The gauge can't - yeah?

I am just messing around and it would be nice if it can, but I can't find any definite yes/no.

But it is tending towards the NO. :frowning:

How would you expect it to display two series?

It’s a single gauge for a single value. But, the input can be dynamic if you take care of that before the payload gets to the gauge.

You can also pass high low limits to it as well.

The same way the chart can.

Though now thinking about it.....

Two needles of different colours.

Ok. It can't. My bad.

(Half way down a new rabbit hole just now)

This is where node-red-contrib-ui-level can help out.


Thanks @hotNipi. But it is a small part of screen real estate I was wanting to use.

But I have got it installed and being used for other things.

What if pair layout can be fitted into one unit height? I think it is possible to do.
Space conservation was the main reason I started to develop the widget.

I really appreciate you trying to accommodate this request, but I now think it is a fool's errand.

What I was wanting to do is combing two machine's CPU load into 1 gauge. This was a fleeting idea which has since died an interesting death.