Just to share a cute youtube clip that is kinda funny

If Dr Seuss made programming tutorials.

    In the world of code, where functions play,
    JavaScript shines in its own unique way.

    Variables dance, strings sing,
    In the syntax symphony, JavaScript swings.

    Loops and arrays, partners in rhyme,
    Together they dance through space and time.

    Objects and methods, like partners in crime,
    JavaScript waltzes through the paradigm.

    Promises whisper, async awaits,
    JavaScript's tale, a language that innovates.

    Events fire, listeners heed,
    JavaScript orchestrates the web with speed.

    Functions declare, parameters align,
    In the realm of JavaScript, logic intertwines.

    Callbacks callback, as callbacks do,
    JavaScript's rhythm, a developer's cue.

    Variables declare, hoisting their game,
    In the JavaScript world, nothing's the same.

    From node to browser, it roams far and wide,
    JavaScript, the language, in which we confide.

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