Kasa HS-105 - Event in case of power outage?

Hello - I am using the TP-Link node ( node-red-contrib-tplink) and I can see the power events if I turn the plug on/off from either the app or by sending it the command from Node-RED (inject node). However, I am trying to capture an event if the plug restarts on its own (either due to a power blip or something else). If I cut power or restore power to the plug, there is no event published so I am not not sure if this is possible.

Background: I have a flaky home automation hub plugged into the Kasa device. The hub has been restarting on its own occasionally - I have replaced the USB cable to the hub and the surge strip that the Kas device is plugged into but it is still happening. So I'm trying to eliminate the Kasa device as the culprit. The only other thing remaining is the power adapter that the USB cable is plugged into or the Kasa plug.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

Did you read thru the node’s read me?

Looks like you could subscribe power on/off events

Yes I did! As I said in my original post, I can see power on/off events but only if the plug is turned on/off from the Kasa app or from Node-RED itself . But those events are not published if the plug loses power and then it comes back on. I tested this by using a power strip and cutting power to the plug.

Is the node-red device pluggen into the same outlet?
'What abut plugging a lamp into the hs-105 and watching it for a bit to see if it flickers?

No - the Hubitat hub (home automation) is the only device plugged into the Kasa outlet.

Good thought. Unfortunately, the "outage" happens infrequently (once a week or so) making monitoring the lamp status difficult. Though you have given me an idea - I could plug a zigbee bulb (lamp) into the outlet as well and have it in the "off" status. If the lamp comes on at any time (it will turn on if power is cut), that would tell me that the Kasa plug is causing the outage!

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