TP-Link (KASA) KL series multi-color smart lights in Home Assistant

I'm having this issue and want to know if others are experiencing it also. TP-Link (KASA) KL series multi-color smart light in Home Assistant. Within HA I can control the color variation of a light with no problem. Using Node-RED with a 'Call Service' node to HA if I give the node a {"rgb_color":[1,0,0]} command I would expect to see a minimal red color on the light specified. What I see is as though I gave the {"rgb_color":[255,0,0]} command. Is anyone else seeing this or am I doing something wrong, which wouldn't surprise me.

You might have more luck in the home assistant forum(s) as you won't find too many home assistant user here.
Do their nodes have any documentation in them ? I see some documentation in their node repository.

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