KEB Drive RS485 communication

Hello Friends.. First I will like to apologies for creating new Topic on RS485 as there are already many topics exist,but i tried them and i can't find an my solution so....

I have a KEB VFD(drive) which have some parameters by which i can read various value of drive.
These parameters have address (I believe Hex),I want to read the values of those address(I tried one address but failed).

The address is 0E18h(Hex address) , 3608 (decimal address, I converted by table).
Also tried another address 0002h(Hex address) , 2 (decimal address, I converted by table)

I tried the Serial in node as well as Modbus read node but not getting anything on debug.

Just to be inform that I have done before RS485 projects to read Delta PLC data and i succeeded without any problem but i am stuck with the KEB drive.

Have you confirmed data is going to / coming from the device?

What interface are you using to connect computer to RS485?

What hardware is the computer and what OS?

What flavor of modbus is the device? (RTU? ASCII?) and have you double checked settings Comms baud/parity/data bits/stop bits etc on both drive and flow?

I have used the Drive software to make sure the I am able to connect with the drive which I can.

I am using RS485 to USB connector to connect the drive with my computer.

Computer is a Windows 10 laptop

I believe its Modbus RTU (Modbus VFDs - KEB) , Yes comms setting I checked and used the same as with the drive software which i able to connect.

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