Keep buffer until

Hi all,
sorry again for very basic question: I'm new to NR and I'm trying to force myself to use nodes instead of coding.

I get a http buffer from a camera and I need to pass it to the next nodes (functions and telegram) only when a switch node outputs the value 1.

A sort of 'latch' that keep the message and deliver it only if other input is '1'.

Someone would help me with this simple task ?

Thanks !!

Are you wanting to store the data or stop it from sending on and allow it to pass with the switch?

I'd like to store it and, then, to pass when switch output becames 1..


Context can help here

I use a switch node to set flow.image to msg.payload incoming from http request node and, when I need the image, I reuse switch to set msg.payload to flow.image.

Thanks !

@bubugian I suggest you have a look at the queue-gate node. Depending on the logic of your flow, either the gating or queueing mode might work for you.

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