Switch node and buffer

Hi, I need some advice or direction.
I have a device that has 100 inputs and communicates via UDP.
According to certain parameters in the packet I want to route to a specific output using the switch function. I'm trying to set a condition for a value in a buffer, but I can't find the right shape. If I send the payload as an array and not a buffer, the switch node works.
Where am I making a mistake? Alternatively, how to solve it? I guess I could add a buffer to array conversion before the switch node... but before I do that, I wonder if there is another alternative.

put a debug node after the buffer and see what comes out for msg.payload and msg.payload2
this may clear up what you are looking for

I tried that, of course. It's the same thing that goes through the switch and I didn't find anything new. Array working, buffer not working.

Try payload."0" etc instead of `payload[0]

Bingo, thank you Colin!

If anyone is insterested, then see this post for more information Weird JSONata problem

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