Keep the flows running after closing the web browser

Hi, can anyone tell whether it is possible to keep the flows running on the background after closing the web browser ? In my case, whenever I close chrome window node-red flows stop. Is there anyway to do that ? Same question for the command prompt where node-red command is running.
Thanks in advance.

That is not how Node RED works, all flows are running server side, they do not require a Web Browser, the browser is used to only edit the flows - Node RED, won't be Node RED otherwise, unless you are using Nodes that are poorly developed?

We need to see an example

Node RED is a Node application, so if you need to run it in a non-interactive shell (as it normally should be), use something like systemd


systemd example

I should mention, I refer to systemd but for something like windows, NSSM is used

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What OS and hardware are you running on? How do you start node red running?