Node Red application keeps quitting

Hello Everyone,

I have installed Node Red into our Oracle Linux (Red Hat based) instance and after a while, the browser just updates and comes up "Safari cannot connect to server"

I have to go back into the instance and type the command node-red-start.

Is there a setting where Node Red can continue running without having to type the command?

Thank you in advance,

On Linux, you would typically set node-red as a service (search net for setting up a service on Oracle Linux (Red Hat)

As for why it is stopping, what does the log say?

I can't find the log.

I am assuming it would be a timeout after inactivity...

You know what they say about assume :wink:

No, node-red does NOT simply stop after a period of inactivity. It stops when told to OR your code crashes it.

Check the syslog of your server running node-red.

my apologies for the assumption.

I am getting back on track to get this 4 year long project to completion, and I am nervous at the same time as looking forward to getting this finalised.

I have emailed our Oracle Cloud contact to advise of this. Hopefully they will provide the answer.

There is no code in Node Red right now..

Does the command node-red-log work for you? If it shows the log then leave it open and see what happens.

Hello Colin,
Thank you for this,

I will keep it active and hopefully I will be able to catch it when it occurs.

Wait, are you opening a terminal & starting node-red via the command node-red?

Then are you closing that terminal?

If so, you are ending the session when you quit the terminal & need to run node-red as a service.

That makes sense.
When I time out of Oracle Cloud or when I log out of Oracle Cloud, that is when it occurs.

You must setup node-red to run as a service. How you do that on oracle cloud I don't know, but presumably their docs will help you out.

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