Cannot stop node-red after update

Dear node-red forum,
With very little experience, I successfully performed the Node-Red update to version v2.0.5 on my Debian. I am happy.

The instructions helped me a lot:

Then I imported and adjusted my flows and everything worked wonderfully.

Now I also wanted to use the new editor "Monaco". For this I have according to the following instructions:

and select the new editor:
node-red admin init

My 1st problem is: it didn't work. I am not getting the Monaco Editor.

AND: the last changes to the flows are no longer available.

The 2nd problem is:
I cannot stop node-red or the service with "node-red stop" or "node-red-stop". This means that even if I use the two commands, I can call up Node-red and the dashboard in the browser.

I suspect that I have a second instance running unintentionally.

Can someone give me a hint how I can find out why the node-red is still running? Or where I made a mistake while trying to activate "Monaco"?

Many greetings,

node-red stop will start node-red with a flows file called "stop" - which is obviously not present - so you get no flows.

Also, this starts node-red in user mode (not service mode) so issuing node-red-stop wont stop that instance!

Either kill the node-red process or reboot the pi & the service will auto start,

for future readers, the commands are node-red-stop and node-red-start. Specifying node-red stop or node-red anything` will start node-red and use the argument as the flow file to load.

Hello Steve-Mcl,
many thanks for the help. That was the mistake.

I was able to stop the service with:
systemctl stop node-red

Now the nice new Monaco Editor works too, perfect!

Thank you

That is what node-red-stop does.

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