Cannot reach editor page or dashboard after installing flow

Bought a new pi and installed the latest image, updated the OS, installed node red and opened the editor page. No problems. Created a simple flow and hit deploy. Now the fun starts. After the deploy I cannot access the editor page again or the dashboard page. I am working directly on the pi so it cannot be a network issue, at least I don't think so. Uninstalled node red, deleted the directory, re installed node red. I can now open the editor page. Create another flow, deploy, can no longer access the editor page.
Not sure where to go from here
Pi 4
latest Pi OS image
node red 2.2.2 and I install the --node16 command

If you stop node-red using
and then start using
node-red --safe
it should start node red without starting the flows. Can you now access the editor? If so then that suggests something in your flow is hanging node-red.

If you still can't access the editor then post the full console output you get from the node-red command.

no effect, cannot reach editor


Show us the output from the first command I suggested
If possible copy/paste, not screen shot.

Address already in use suggests that you already have Node-red running and are trying to start a second copy.

Try sudo systemctl stop nodered then just node-red (it will not immeditely return to the dollar prompt)
Can you load the editor now?
Create a flow, deploy. Are there any errors shown on the terminal? Has it gone back to the dollar prompt?

That is what node-red-stop does.

did the sudo systemctl stop nodered and node-red and then safe and can access the editor, disabled all flows and am now trying to sort out which is the offending flow, thanks to both of you @jbudd and @Colin for the help

Perhaps the first time you ran
node-red stop
Or something similar instead of

entirely possible, keyboard has been pounded on relentlessly over this problem and surprised it still works
[EDIT] by the time I come to the forum it's usually life or death. My wife says she'll kill me if I don't get this fixed and get a better attitude.

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