Keyboard Node error when trying to deploy

Hi all,
After updating Node Red to V2.2.2 suddenly the deploy time takes around 1.5 minutes.
The flow contains a node of an USB keypad and it worked perfectly with the previous version.
The error that I get is:
[error] [rpi-keyboard:10f69d3efc42015d] Error stopping node: Close timed out

Also sometimes I get "no response from server" when trying to deploy. Any help/hint will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Did you also upgrade NodeJS version when you updated Node-RED?

If so, did you do an npm rebuild?

Yes everything was installed on Pi with the script provided on node-red site

The script will not auto update certain versions of node-js unless you tell it to.

So, let me ask again...

  1. Is the node-js version different now than before when you updated node-red?
  2. what version of node-js were you on?
  3. what version of node-js are you on now?
    1. run node -v to find out
  4. did you append --node14 or --node16 when you ran the update script?
  5. Did you (explicitly) do an npm rebuild from the command line?

The node red was installed on a fresh OS via:
bash <(curl -sL
Node version is now V14.19.1
As about the old version I cannot remember what version it was because I formatted the flash memory (running on CM4 with CMIO4).

ok, but you did say...

Never mind.

This is sometimes due to a node not closing properly. Before we ask you to start removing and disabling things...

Do you have a very large flow/lots of tabs/lots of nodes?

Are you using the "deploy changed nodes" only or "full deploy"?

Also, which node are you using for the keyboard? node-red-contrib-something possibly.

I had the same flow running on my previous version of NR (dont remember what version it was). The flow it is large with a lot of subflows. Ans yes, this is happening only on full deploy.

No it is happening with the "official" node "Pi Keyboard".

Oh yes, sorry, I forgot about that. Possibly this might be relevant: "Pi Keyboard" not working after Node-Red upgraded from 1.3.7 to 2.1.3 (Raspberry Pi 3b+)

The keyboard is working. But when "full deploy" is used it hangs for about 1 minute and then throws the error. Also I almost went crazy because of debugging without knowing that the topic of the GPIO has changed :). Do you suggest to change the raspberry pi specific nodes to a previous version?

What has it changed from/to?

Hi @Colin
On the previous version the topic was with pi/... now it is with gpio/... But nevermind.
I tested with an older version of the GPIO node it doesn't work at all.
I don't know how to handle this. However I can test the SW with node disabled and it works like this. Do you have any idea if in production this will cause stability issues? Thank you in advance for the effort to help me!

I don't understand what you mean by it working with the node disabled.

Sorry maybe I was not very clear:
When the node is disabled the deploy runs normal. So when I want to test the sw but the keypad is not needed I found handy to disable the node.

If you select Changed Nodes on the dropdown from the Deploy button then it will only deploy changed nodes so you should not have a problem.

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