KNX + Hue (RGB to HSV) Beginner

Hello all,

I'm a complete NodeRed newbie and I'm facing a problem that I can't get solved on my own.

I have a KNX installation in my house and use switches from MDT. These have a color display and you can pass HSV values via a color selector.

I also have Phillips Hue lamps throughout the house. Now I would like to use the switch to set the colors of the Hue lamps. During my research I came across the following: node-red-contrib-color-convert (node) - Node-RED

Do any of you have experience with KNX + Hue + NR + MDT glass switch 2?

I am grateful for any help.
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All I know about the hue and some zigbee bulbs is that the need CIE 1931 x,y,z or x,y values … some bridges (hard- or software do the conversion.

You/we have to know what you get fom your knx device and what your bulb expects

Perhaps the node-contrib-chroma node can help here too. Together with the node-contrib-ui-iro-color-picker they work for me wit various formats

thank you very much for your answer. i am really interested in this problem. gladly i will give all the details needed. only unfortunately i do not know how to find them out?

below are some screenshots from the ets:

Thanks in advance

Ok .. to avoid confusion you get your data from your adorable knx interface into node red and like to control a hue bulb (which I both do not own)
1st you should place a debug node behind your output (knx node) to see what data you get. There is at least one knx node available in the palette manager.
Then you have to determine what input your hue node expects (help page)
The chroma node can then convert that. And with the color picker you can verify the input and output visually on the dashboard

Good morning, thanks for the tutorial. As soon as I am home I will try the whole thing and tell what happens.

overfl0w Hi if you haven't already used it I would recommend.

Looking at ETS the switch sends 0-255 value for R, G, B so you will need convert that Group Address values to HUE RGB. I think the KNX datatype is

Great! Thank you so much for those informations. i will try and give you a feedback.

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