Colourspace, HomeKit Bridged, and Ikea Color Bulb

Does anyone have a clever idea for how to translate a message with Hue object (0-360) and and another message with Saturation object (0-255) from a HomeKit node to a Deconz Out node for an Ikea Color Bulb which accepts colour in CIE xy?

You can use the color convert node to convert to RGB and then some function to convert it further to CIE xy.

I had looked into the color-convert node but documentation was sparse and it didn’t quite arrive at CIE xy. But that function is interesting. Thank you!

I guess I need to join the Hue and Saturation messages now. How does that work when there’s several other different messages that could be emitted from the HomeKit node?

First show your output from the various debug nodes (or provide a small flow that generates the various separate messages)

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