KNX write error by the node-red-contrib-knx node


I have a RPI3B and a KNX USB adaptor.
Have installed a KNXD from micheals tech blog

Issue is that first message i Try to write to the bus, gives an error and connection timeout.

Read failed: Connection reset by peer

Google could not help me, but I found a strange thing in the telegrams when i listen in on the traffic on the bus.

LPDU: BC 11 04 06 00 E1 00 80 31 :L_Data low from 1.1.4 to 0/6/0 hops: 06 T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Write (small) 00
LPDU: BC 11 85 06 04 F1 00 81 A5 :L_Data low from 1.1.133 to 0/6/4 hops: 07 T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Write (small) 01
Read failed: Connection reset by peer

I see that the message get written to the bus, but with a different hops code ? What is this code, and where can i set this ?

Is this a known issue ? does anyone have a solution ?. Is it the problem ?

And even more strange, I managed to get this working for some messages, but now i will not operate at all.

Is there a reason why you are running node-red as root? Generally that is not necessary and is considered a security risk as a deviant node or crash could write all over your operating system. Whether it might give problems for this node I don't know.

Given that the blog you linked to isn't a node-RED node, how are you linking to Node-RED?

Are you sure that it's a problem with Node-RED and not the knxd server you've installed?

It`s running as root beacause I dont know better. I will look into it :wink:

I am trying to figure this out the best way I can.
I am not sure off anything right now, I`m new to the whole thing.

But I found a way to avoid this issue. Because I was watching the buss activity and running Node red at the same time, they seem to fight over the same resources. When I do not view the bus activity at the same time as Node-red is running, It all works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for youre interest in helping me .